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What makes a Superbrew truly 'super'?

While yes, all hard seltzers undergo a brewing process, we believe you deserve better—100% better, to be exact. That's why we take our Superbrew to the next level by giving it a second brew. This time around, we infuse it with our favorite superfruits and super ingredients, it's a brew that's not just better; it's twice as nice. 

Made with REAL superfruits and REAL ingredients, it offers a full flavor, beautiful color and layered taste with every sip. It's 100% gluten-free and balanced just right.

Tropical Fruits
Tropical Fruits

Juicy Hazy Hoppy

6% ABV

At a whopping 23% juice, a tropical blend of mango and pineapple, make this one of the most flavorful seltzers ever produced. A dry-hopped blend of citra and mosaic hops balance the tropical sweetness, providing aroma and depth far outside of the realm of a normal seltzer. And finally, a touch of citrus from the lime helps balance out the whole experience, making this seltzer drink like a truly juicy double IPA. 6% ABV

Juicy Mango Tango

4.5% ABV

This superfruit hard seltzer is brewed with real mango and real passion fruit. This juicy duo will dance across your taste buds and deliver exotic fruit aromas. Open up a can (or two) of pure tropical paradise! 

P.S.- Fun Fact! This flavor won the top recognition at the 2024 International Beer Competition.

Not too shabby! 


Juicy Ginger Lemon

4.5% ABV

Your favorite ginger beer spent a semester abroad and came back a little spicy. Brewed with loads of real ginger and lemons plus a dash of warm turmeric, our Juicy Ginger Lemon turns up the flavor on a familiar favorite.

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